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"One day, all your children will have are pictures of you. Make sure you're in them. No matter what your hair, your makeup or your body looks like. They won't care about any of that. They'll just want to see you, Their Mother. Your smile."

As the photographer, I know it is hard scheduling family portraits. But as a mom myself, I understand even more so how difficult it can be to actually pull off family portraits! I know there is always at least one of you who is probably not very excited about this experience. 

I get it, I get ALL of it. I've been there!

Which is why I have created the Nicole Brown Portrait Experience. From the time we book your portraits, I will consult and help you with outfit choices, and the location scouting that will be perfect for your family. As I'm guiding and posing you during our session, you can just sit back and have fun with your family. My hope is after our session your kids will be begging to hang out with me again.

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I think it's important to know why you chose to search for a photographer in the first place.  Are you looking to capture and preserve this moment in your life?  Do you need a beautiful portrait for a Christmas card?  Are you newly engaged and want to celebrate this moment?  Are you a business that needs branding images done?

let's talk about your vision

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Once I've determined your vision and I'd be able to achieve that for you it's quite simple from here.  A 10% deposit will reserve your date on the calendar with me.  And you'll receive a few emails from me with session prep guides that will help you feel great for your photos. 

sign on the dotted line!

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Choosing a location is my favorite part of your portrait experience.  It can be somewhere special to you that has meaning....(For example, I love Arizona lakes, it's where I grew up on my summer breaks with my  dad on our boat so we chose Saguro Lake) Or it could be that you absolutely love color and want a colorful look to your images.  Maybe you hate cactus, so no desert spots! No worries! I can guide you through this!

location, location, location

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Don't worry I'll help you through every step of this. We'll text back and forth photo messages, talk about your ideas, links to where you are shopping, etc.  My job is to make sure you feel great in your images and a lot of that is wardrobe.  So consider me your personal stylist and shopping assistant.  With my styling guides and consulting you'll be feeling like a million bucks for your photos without having to spend that :)

what to wear?

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Professional Hair and Makeup for mom scheduled (this is a MUST mom!) You shouldn't have to worry about getting your entire family ready and looking great on top of your own. So schedule someone to this for you.  I have a great list of resources that I can send you!
Don't forget the extra snacks and water for the kiddos.  Now relax and have fun. I'll take care of the rest.

today is the day!

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"Having your breath taken away by an image is what every photographer hopes for in their shot, and Nicole delivers nothing less. She doesn't just take a picture; she allows the time to learn about you and your wishes for the process. She has a comfortable, natural ability to capture the true essence of your family, finding just the right words to say to make your natural smile, giggle and laugh shine. And the way she gets the perfect angle during sunset sessions actually makes you glow! She is an expert at her craft, always looking for new and innovative locations, styles and artistic expressions for her work. We couldn't imagine working with anyone more perfect!"

- the hook family

so many kind words

"She allows the time to learn about you and your wishes for the process"

Nicole has a gift at turning ordinary moments into extraordinary pictures. Our family is always in awe of the amazing images she captures of the four of us. She's able to take charge of the photo shoot without being intrusive and gets smiles out of all of us every time! Our family follows Nicole to anywhere she is shooting at...she's that amazing! We would highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for a professional, talented, creative and energetic photographer.

- the jones family

"Our family is always in awe of the amazing images Nicole is able to capture"

so many kind words

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Portrait Experience collections start at $550

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