I am a California native who now calls Arizona home.  I traded the sand and ocean views for even more sand but lots of sun and lots of cactus! Part of my heart will always live in California but fortunately many people I love, live there as well, so visits to my home state are always on the calendar!

I am Italian.  I speak too fast and with lots of hand gestures.  Exclamation points outnumber periods in all my emails, because how else will you know how excited I am to talk to you? (because I am, I really am!!) I drink too much coffee (Starbucks Iced coffee anyone?),  I can turn any car ride into a karaoke jam session and if snuggle sessions with my daughters (or puppies) were an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist!

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Gabe (Or as I call him Gabe the Babe!) and together we have two daughters, Lacey Blu & Kylie Rae.  In fact, our marriage and the family we have built through it will always be the driving force behind my photography. 




"Finding Nicole for a photographer was truly a blessing! Her warm personality and true love for what she does is unquestionably visible in her work.  Her ability to capture life's moments just comes through in such a beautiful way! 


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I believe God made me to be creative and it is my blessing to give HIM the glory through what I create.  I believe marriage is one of the most beautifully transformative experiences you will ever share with another soul and parenting takes a village.  Acts of service tends to my primary love language and I believe that loving people well is one of my greatest joys I can have. 

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I believe in

love languages

music is my therapy

I believe exercise is the key to outrunning any bad mood, and if that doesn’t work then a homemade cannoli will probably do the trick! I believe summer evenings are best spent outside with a drink in your hand while country radio is playing in the background.  I also believe that sea turtles and the earth are all super important BUT I hate paper straws!! I believe that the prettiest color in the world is Starbucks green.


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I love to wander through Nordstroms and I believe that window shopping is just as inspiring as buying something new. Home design is one of my hobbies, but more than making a space beautiful, I believe in creating a place that feels warm and welcome. But most of all,  I believe that people matter. I believe community is the heart and soul to a beautiful life and it should be fed often with friends, and laughter.


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the moment

I enjoy wedding days, but I LOVE marriage.  I believe your wedding day is step one to building a lasting foundation for a life together.   To witness moments so special, so powerful and to seal these memories to your family's history with a simple click of my shutter will always be my greatest honor.  Photography for me started as a way to tie my daughter's quickly vanishing childhood to the countless memories flooding my heart.

my WHy

Watching my family grow I began to print photos I had taken. Images that were kissed by window light, illuminating slivers of time and details that I never wanted to forget.  I would hold these mementos of fleeting time and know that every mother needed images such as these for her own; that every child needed to see themselves on the walls of their home...for it is in seeing how you are connected that forms a sense of belonging.

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